All But The Serpent

Maria Terrone
May 14, 2014
Maria Terrone


She lies face up in a secret place—

  untamed garden or tamed jungle,

no matter. She lies

  with a Louis Vuitton bucket-bag,

its repeating monogram

  like visa stamps to Xanadu. Gold

fringe spills from nowhere, striping

  her pale thigh. A white dove, wings blurred,

balances on raised fingers;

  two more nestle nearby

in the high dried grass. Why these birds,

  this hint of headless

raccoon? Why this dress

  of fuzzy green scraps

that could be plucked for a nest?

  Her browless, half-closed eyes

are no window.

  It’s her parted lips that see.




Maria Terrone is the author of three poetry collections, Eye to Eye, published by Bordighera Press in May 2014, A Secret Room in Fall and The Bodies We Were Loaned, as well as a chapbook, American Gothic, Take 2.