Amy Sande-Friedman

August 23, 2014

Were taking a two-week August break from publishing new content. Please enjoy these hand-picked selections from our print and digital archives. Original writing, audio, and visual features will resume on September 1. Happy August!


Scents conjure up times, people, and places distant from the here and now. At the heart of Kate McLean’s Sensory Maps is the power of aromas, their ability to trigger and concretize emotion and memory. McLean, born and raised in Britain, was inspired by the idea that we form our experience of place through sensory perception. She has researched, recreated, and charted the dominant scents of several cities to paint urban portraits through smell. . . . [Click here to read more]

June 25, 2013

Amy Sande-Friedman received a Ph.D. in the History Art and Decorative Arts from Bard College and is the director of the Von Lintel Gallery. She specializes in Postwar sculpture, 18th Century art, and modern art.

artist: C-Mackenzie

November 16, 2012

Curated by Amy Sande-Friedman.

C-MacKenzie (Chris MacKenzie) removes the background imagery from his photographs, creating uncanny visions of people in surreal blank settings. Although his figures often assume the pose of spectators, they gaze upon nothingness. In creating these images, C-MacKenzie draws on his background in motion picture editing and post production, in which mistakes are removed from an image and figures are pasted to scenery. He envisions his artistic process as “withholding information” from the viewer.  By negating the sense of place, C-MacKenzie creates an unknowable and mysterious world.

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