August 19th, 2013 | 8:00am

This week, as an end-of-summer treat, we present you three stories by The Common contributors originally published in our special Summer Fiction Issue.  Enjoy!

August 16th, 2013 | 8:00am

It’s our pleasure to bring you new poems by four poets whose work will also appear in an upcoming print issue of The Common:

John Kinsella

            "Black-headed Monitor Leaves the Roof Space and Basks"


Jacquelyn Pope


            "Ruled Out"

August 13th, 2013 | 8:00am

Excerpt from the forthcoming novel Mañana Means Heaven:

Wednesday, October 22, 1947

The workers couldn’t stop talking about it. Especially that whole first day after it happened. According to the paper, a “wetback” was found strung up in a sycamore tree near Raisin City. From his neck dangled a cardboard sign:


Photo by Flickr Creative Commons user N Stjerna
August 12th, 2013 | 8:00am

Photo by Flickr Creative Commons user N Stjerna

1. Consider what damages

Yes, light, pests, dirt, but also the whole climate, and pets and people. Don’t forget the stress of storage or display. Whether to be “used and enjoyed” or “saved and preserved” – you must decide. There is no quick or simple answer. I was given this, but how should I make sure it is safe? That it does not begin to decay, then all but disappear. There are basic measures that anyone can take. Preserving fibers will prolong life.

artist: Lauri Lyons
August 9th, 2013 | 8:00am

Curated by Alicia Lubowski-Jahn

Although the photographer Lauri Lyons calls New York home, she is ever on the move through her creative projects. Her current body of work spans Africa, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, and the United States, and has connected the globe through African diaspora and identity formation themes. Often pictures and languages within her portrait photography evoke origins that are both ancestral and geographic. She is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the photojournalism magazine NOMADS, which is also dedicated to the peripatetic state.