Photo courtesy of Digital Commonwealth
January 21, 2016

Entering town on the bridge over the Willimantic River, you see giant sculptures of frogs on thread spools.

Photo by Chris Kelsey
January 20, 2016

The wind off Lake Superior snapped at us, and we were going to have to sequester ourselves in the rental a bit. Yet, it was beautiful. It was freeing.

Photo by Vic Rawlings
January 16, 2016

Vic had been making periodic trips to learn from Lee Sexton, a vital link to the iconic sound of old-time Eastern Kentucky banjo playing, with a sound all his own.

January 15, 2016

We’re charging into the new year reading slim volumes with grand ambitions. In 2016, read to embrace the “exquisite ache” of complexity with us!

January 13, 2016

Came a homeless man, without a foot,
dressed up in a new canvas sack,
tied up with a belt in the usual style