January 10, 2016

There’s the time I danced with Marlene Dietrich. I was sitting there, and she was dancing, and she said, ‘Sergeant, you’re not dancing,’ and she pulled me onto the dance floor.

reviewed by Dara Mandle
January 9, 2016

Prison did not rehabilitate Betts. Books did. Betts makes clear that prison was a “purgatory.” Still, the crushing repetition and despair he experienced there gave shape to his most recent verse.

Photo by author
January 2, 2016

She rolls through the neighborhoods and points out a jail museum that once housed the noose used to kill the last man executed in the state of Illinois.

December 30, 2015

Honor the grit, the skylight plywood,
The attic rats and wall roaches.
Greet the vagrant dwellers walking. . .

reviewed by Laura Marris
December 26, 2015

August Sander’s photographs reveal “. . .the way we ourselves appear, and will appear to posterity, as types, when we stubbornly insist on experiencing ourselves as individuals.”