Tango Room

Maria Terrone
May 14, 2014
Maria Terrone


In a dim room at the far end of a long hall,

tiny lights flicker above the dancers—


men and women who learned to tango nights,

after work driving trucks and buffing nails.


They surrender to the body’s command,

eyes holding eyes captive, dipping


down and back to music that began

with the immigrants of Buenos Aires,


spread to brothels and dance halls,

now stirring the air of this 19th century hotel room--


unaware of the one who steals a glimpse

from the threshold as they stream


across the dark, wavy mirror on the back wall

like phosphorescent flashes across black water.





Maria Terrone is the author of three poetry collections, Eye to Eye, published by Bordighera Press in May 2014, A Secret Room in Fall and The Bodies We Were Loaned, as well as a chapbook, American Gothic, Take 2.