Interviews with the Editor in Chief

Photo Credit Zoe Fisher.

Photo by Zoe Fisher.

Lit Mag News: A Conversation and Q&A with Jennifer Acker 
“Jennifer talked about the senses as a means to bring a space alive in a work. ‘Senses are what create a place.’ Hence, a sense of place. She advised writers to remember all five senses when they write. She also emphasized the way space can be used to reveal a character or speaker’s worldview. The setting ought not be static description, but rather something that is an active shaper of the narrative,” said Becky Tuch, editor of Lit Mag News, in her write-up of the conversation. 


CLMP Member Spotlight: The Common
“The theme of place is important to everything we publish, every essay and interview and photo collage. We seek to accept pieces in which the setting matters—place must be rendered sensorially, and it must influence how people think, or move, or interact, and the choices available to them.”


Kenyon Review: An interview with Jennifer Acker
“We investigate how modern lives are shaped, for good and for worse, by our environments, which are changing more quickly than ever, while acknowledging, in the very ‘conversations’ that take shape in our issues and online, that this sense is not one of confining boundaries but of opening and intersecting territories.”


1888 Center Podcast Interview: The How and the Why with Jennifer Acker
“We think of sense of place as either to a particular generation like Faulkner, or to a particular region, like the South or maybe the West. But it seemed to me that there were so many of us who had grown up either with rooted traditions of asking what it means to be from somewhere or to move around a lot and interact with people who are from different places.”


The Center for Fiction Panel: Beyond Geography
“Bringing focus back to how place is so relevant in our lives even though we move around so much and use digital technologies seems to be something that we all think about through the lens of literature.”


NYPL Podcast Discussion: Periodically Speaking
Jennifer Acker, Maura Candela, Brook Wilensky-Lanford, Angela Veronica Wong

“This is something that I’m always thinking about: how do we relate to our places, how do we write about our place, how does how we write about places change.”


‘Freefall in the Shattered Mirror’: The Story of a Story in Arabic, in English
ArabLit Interview with Jennifer Acker and Hisham Bustani on the work of editing
“In its innovative structural form, the story introduces to our readers a kind of nested storytelling we have not published before — in which there are several short scenes that can stand poetically and structurally alone on their own but are also contained within an overarching narrative and tension.”


The Chronicle Of Higher Education Interview: In Search of ‘A Modern Sense of Place’
“We absolutely still need literary journals. They are still the first publication venues for emerging writers and the places where established writers broaden their audience; being published in “little” magazines still builds careers.”


The Review Review Interview: Capturing the Essence of Somewhere Particular
“I wanted to capture the essence of what it meant to be from somewhere particular: writing that revealed how real, everyday life in a place underlay imaginative experience.”


Women Who Submit: Behind the Editor’s Desk

“I realized that these questions of place were increasingly important to me: What does it mean to be from somewhere? How do the cultures and landscapes we grow up in shape us? What does “home” mean?”


Interviews with the Editor in Chief