shoreline of Caleta Beach

Caleta Beach

Well, the Spanish I grew up on is half mangled street from San Antonio, not your Castilian you picked up in summers in Barcelona. I’m dredging these words from a place so deep and purple and hidden and dark. Like olives in a jar. Bad metaphor? If I unroll my Spanish from its crypt, Señora, you won’t know what I say. These words are full of bad stuff.

Searching the In-Between: Flight MH370 and the Emotional Landscape of the Missing

Your identity becomes one of potentials, of possible outcomes. This uncertainty is shapeless. It is also something you can, paradoxically, cling to, because it holds the chance of eventual certainty. The questions engulfed my family thickly, like jellyfish in a warm current. Suddenly, previously impossible things were possible.

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December 2017 Poetry Feature

To see you is to stay and remain, / To see you is finally to see; / I open my veins to life / As if an exceptional body / Desired my blood. / I discover everything in you. / You look in my eyes: you are / The liquid filling / The bridges of heaven and earth. / To see you is to forget fear, / To speak and not see the divisions / Words create. / To see you is to be a forest.

Santiago, Chile

Acid Raindrops

I could have left much earlier, when it was still safe out, but we were determined to bang our heads against our false friends, the walls of our mother tongues, until what we wanted got through.

Empire of Glass

Review: Empire of Glass

Early on in Empire of Glass, the novel's American narrator offers fair warning that what follows will not be straightforward: “So much of what I’m telling you is already reimagined, reconfigured so convex angles are made concave, mirrors reflecting other mirrors reflecting an uncertain, setting sun.”

Using The Common in my first-year seminars has been fun, fruitful, and helpfully startling for these classes.”

—Martha Cooley, Associate Professor of English, Adelphi University

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