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class with Julian Zabalbeascoa, Visiting Professor, University of Massachusetts Lowell Honors CollegeTeach The Common in your classroom and introduce your students to contemporary literature and art from around the world.

High school, Undergraduate, and Graduate-Level Courses

Develop critical thinking, close reading, and rigorous analytic writing skills. Inspire creative expression. Encourage students to think of themselves in the roles of editors and publishers. Enrich students’ knowledge of domestic and global languages, histories, and literatures. Add The Common to your curriculum for:

  • Contemporary literature
  • Creative writing
  • Editing and publishing
  • First-Year Seminars
  • Translation Progams
  • and much more

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All for just $20 per student. Single-issue ($10 per student) and digital subscriptions are also available. We can invoice your department or set up a storefront for students to pay individually.

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Sample Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans and prompts are adapted from teachers and professors who have used The Common in their classrooms. Some provide samples of student work.

Jennifer Acker, Editor in Chief

“In my experience teaching and visiting classrooms, I see students feel the pulse of contemporary writing as both writers and close readers. They are inquisitive and reflective, ask excellent questions, and go on to produce admirable writing based on what they’ve read.” —Jennifer Acker, Editor in Chief  •  See Acker’s Amherst College “Editors and Authors” seminar.

Who’s Teaching The Common?

“The works in The Common provide my students with a near limitless combination of ways to reflect upon how place functions in their lives and inspire them to find creative means of communicating those reflections to their readers.”

—Julian Zabalbeascoa, Visiting Professor, University of Massachusetts Lowell Honors College

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Teach The Common