Most-Read Pieces of 2022

As 2022 comes to an end, we want to celebrate the pieces our readers loved! Browse our list of 2022’s most-read pieces to see the writing that left an impact on our readers.

Rabbit sitting in the grass.“How to Slaughter” by Shaelin Bishop (Fiction)

“The next day, another rabbit. Another. Another. This was how she’d make me strong. She was skinning me of my softness. Peeling girlhood from girl.”


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Totaled red carJuly 2022 Poetry Feature with work by Felice Belle, Stephen Haven, Mitch Sisskind, & Zack Strait (Poetry)

“This is the song the little mouse sings in the animated film / about travelling west, about following the bright star / of hope through the darkness of our lives. I am listening / to this song now, again and again, after talking / with my father.”

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Panics book cover“The Headless Man” by Barbara Molinard, translated by Emma Ramadan (Fiction)

“The woman broke away from the man’s shoulder. She had the vague feeling that something important had occurred, but she didn’t know what. She stood up, put on her coat, resumed her place, then remained immobile, absent, distant.”  

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Image of trees in the sunset“Hummingbird Tantra” by Corrie Williamson (Poetry)

“Red draws their tiny eye, and every hummingbird / feeder you can buy blooms a plastic, stoic / ruby, effigy of flower, tadasana of red. Already / they have eaten me out of sugar, but forgetful today / I’ve left the sliding porch door wide, and on my couch / a cheery wool blanket, paintbrush red.”

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Image of a radio“My Grandmother’s Radio” by Carey Baraka (Fiction)

“Every day at four, my grandmother listened to the radio, as her enemies died around her one by one. The disembodied voice on the radio shared in her delight, singing to the next world those who had departed us… Every day, the schedule was the same: breakfast, chores, lunch, chores, death announcements, chores, supper.”

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Most-Read Pieces of 2022

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Image of two blank canvases on a white wall

Nina and Frida Enter the Chat

these biddies with their deadbolt backs/ take naps / while i construct/ canvas from corset cast / art does not wait until you are well / what they did not understand—the training was classical / chopin, motherfuckers/ carry on like she some backwater bluesy / least common denominator

cherries on a tree

Jack Benny

John Ashbery called me after he died / So you can imagine my excitement / When in his droll hyper-nasalated / Timbre quite undiminished by death / He chatted on about the bowls of / Pitted cherries provided as snack-food / In the upper worlds and of afternoons / Climbing trees