Podcast: Omer Friedlander on “Operation Tamar”

Writer Omer Friedlander speaks to managing editor Emily Everett about his story “Operation Tamar,” which appears in Issue 19 of The Common magazine. “Operation Tamar” is set in Israel, where Friedlander grew up. In this conversation, Friedlander talks about the setting and inspiration for this story and others, and the editing and revision that went into “Operation Tamar” before publication. He also discusses his current projects, a novel and a short story collection recently sold to Random House for publication.

Omer Friedlander plus Issue 19 cover

Omer Friedlander grew up in Tel-Aviv. His short story collection, The Man Who Sold Air in the Holy Land, and his novel, The Glass Golem, are both forthcoming from Random House. He has a BA in English Literature from the University of Cambridge and an MFA from Boston University, where he was supported by the Saul Bellow Fellowship. He is a Starworks Fellow in Fiction at New York University. His writing has been supported by the Bread Loaf Work-Study Scholarship, Vermont Studio Center Fellowship, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and others.

Read “Operation Tamar” by Omer Friedlander at thecommononline.org/operation-tamar.

Find out more about Omer Friedlander at omerfriedlander.com.

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Emily Everett is managing editor of the magazine and host of the podcast. Her stories appear in the Kenyon Review, Electric Literature, Tin House Online, and Mississippi Review. She holds an MA in literature from Queen Mary University of London, and a BA from Smith College. Say hello on Twitter @Public_Emily.


Podcast: Omer Friedlander on “Operation Tamar”

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