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THANK YOU to our Uncommon Friends for supporting The Common’s mission to publish global, place-inspired literature. Your generosity allows us to launch emerging writers, to mentor student interns, to support teachers, to host public events, and to build community with new technologies.

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ES & MJ Mayer Foundation
Niko Pfund & Amanda Pike
Tara Safronoff


Barbara Mayer & Charles Acker
Werner Gundersheimer
Melissa Bilski & Christopher Mayer
W. Drake McFeely
R. Sean Morrison
Robert Saul
Francis Williams


Harold Augenbraum
Tom Ehrgood
Loren Goodman
Casper Grathwohl
Laura Green
David Jemielity
Jason Lindsey
Michael Margowski
Erik Oken
Trifin Roule
Matthew Silverstein
Susan R. Troccolo
Susan & Alan Witte


Artie Ann Bates
Frederic K. Conover
Ted Conover
Yvonne Conza
Kevin Currey
Francia Davis
Ian Desai
Katherine Freeman
William Greenough
Roy Hennig
Susan Hirsch
Peter Hong
David Kirkpatrick
Dominique Lahaussois
Diane Lederman
Diana Lind
Steven M. Lobel
Erin Marsh
Elizabeth McKay
Diane Meier
Swami Nathan
Laura Pedegana
Peter Pfund
Scott Rinicker
Michael Simon
Elizabeth Witte
Thomas Woodhouse
Jonathan Yellen


Curtis Ascher
Irshad Abdal-Haqq
Judith Baumel
Chris Bohjalian
Gabriel Brownstein
Jackson Bryer
Hannah Cook
George C. Corson
Ronald Daitz
Kate Davis Satz
Caitlin Echelbarger
Jonathan Fink
William Funari
Carrie Frye
Adam Gehrie
Elisa & Alex George
Kathleen Gibbons
Gail Glick
Aiden Heung
Jen Hinst-White
Katja Holcer
Jean E. & Charlie Kelly
John G. Kirk
James Knight
Henry W. Kreuter
William Lee
David Lehman
Geoff Martin
Lucy Martin
Adam McClay
Cullen Murphy
John Meyers
Tim Nolan
Peggy O’Brien
Danielle Batalion Ola
C. Scott Perkins
Estelle Pope
Marietta Pritchard
Rob Quaintance
David Rompf
Marie J. Sacks
Robert Saul
Richard L. Silva, Jr.
David Spink
Sasha A. Stiles
Tess Taylor
Benigno Trigo
Mark Vanhoenacker
Harold Varmus
Dimitre Vavov
Timothy Wheeler
Michele Wick
Naomi Williams
Ghassan Zeineddine
John Zuraw

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$500 – Patron

$1000 – Publisher

Please note that Uncommon Friends Donation Levels can be achieved with cumulative donations within the current calendar year. The Common Foundation is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.




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