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THANK YOU to our Uncommon Friends for supporting The Common’s mission to publish global, place-inspired literature. Your generosity allows us to launch emerging writers, to mentor student interns, to support teachers, to host public events, and to build community with new technologies.

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ES & MJ Mayer Foundation
Erik Oken
Tara Safronoff & Matt Plunkett
Robert Saul
Stephen Storey 
Sally Wood


Melissa Bilski & Christopher Mayer
W. Drake McFeely
Werner Gundersheimer
Susan Hirsch
Peter Hong
Peter Shearer
R. Sean Morrison
Tess Taylor


Harold Augenbraum
Tom Ehrgood 
Laura V Green 
Shiru Hong
James Knight
Beth Liou 
Niko Pfund & Amanda Pike 
Julia Clemens Pike
Scott Rinicker
Mike Romoff 
Trifin Roule
Michael Simon 
Susan & Alan Witte


Richard Amdur 
Kathleen Gibbons 
Doley Henderson 
Roy Hennig
David Kirkpatrick
Dominique Lahaussois
Georgette Mallory
Charles March 
Heather McClelland 
Celeste Mohammed
Dorothy Shattuck 
Tom Skove 
Jenny Slate 
Katherine Vaz 
David DeF. Whitman 


Peter Arscott
Erica Bernfeld 
Chris Bohjalian 
Garrett Brown 
Jackson Bryer 
Denis Clifford 
Sonali Chanchani 
Ama Codjoe 
Megan DeMott-Quigley 
Denise Duhamel 
LaToya Faulk 
Loren Goodman 
William B. Greenough 
Whitney Hubbard 
Sherman Katz 
Henry Kreuter 
William Lee 
John Lobrano 
David Lynn 
Derick Mattern 
Philip Menchaca 
Cullen Murphy 
Jeremy O’Connell 
Richard Pollak 
Peter Pfund 
Noor Qasim 
David Quigley 
Motoko Rich 
John Rieck 
Lucy Ralston 
Gabriel Ravel 
Gina Rodriguez 
Donald Rough 
Jonathan Steinhart
Marie Sacks 
Olivia Sears
Ben Shattuck 
Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder 
Ian Saunders
Adam Scanlon 
Diane Schwemm 
David Spink
Jeffrey Thompson 
Susan Todd 
Dimitre Vavov 
John Warthen
Cecily Whiting 
Ghassan Zeineddine
Carla Zanoni 


Charles Acker
Judith Baumel
Jennifer Hinst-White
Susan Hirsch
David Kirkpatrick
Diane Meier
Philip Menchaca
Sophie Murguia   
Julia Clemens Pike 
Noor Qasim 
Steven Tagle
Sarah F Whelan
JinJin Xu


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$50 – Reader

$125 – Friend

$250 – Supporter

$500 – Patron

$1000 – Publisher

Please note that Uncommon Friends Donation Levels can be achieved with cumulative donations within the current calendar year. The Common Foundation is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.




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