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Review: Bender: New and Selected Poems

Reviewed by DREW CALVERT

Bender: New and Selected PoemsDean Young is one of America’s most celebrated poets, the author of ten poetry collections, recipient of numerous national awards, and a fixture of campus bookstores. His poems are tremendously fun to read, and often very funny; for me, his work is distinct in the way it channels the spirit of a stand-up comic. He nests his liberal politics inside a vortex of anxiety; disguises insights as farce; and codes earnest messages in irreverence and transgression. In his latest collection, Bender: New and Selected Poems, this spirit is even more pronounced: His new poems explore the same general territory with a darker, subtler confidence.  Young gives the impression that the blank page inspires him the way an unpredictable audience inspires a comic:

Review: Bender: New and Selected Poems