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TC Alumni Spotlight: Meghan Maria McCullough

Welcome to the TC Alumni spotlight, where we highlight the achievements of our former staff members! This month, we're checking in with Meghan McCullough, a former Senior Editorial Assistant and Amherst College Class of 2015.


Author Postcard Auction 2018

Don’t miss The Common’s annual author postcard auction! Bid for a chance to win a postcard from your favorite writer, handwritten for yourself or a person of your choice. A wonderful keepsake, just in time for the holidays!

Christian Ibarra


Two hours ago the situation was different, the scenes distinct. Carmen—the oldest of them—was in her house, in the back room, inside the shower, keeping still while the water fell around her. The cold gave her goosebumps, which she tried to avoid looking at. At her age, seeing her body made her feel weak.