Contributors in Conversation: Antonio Monda and Ian Bassingthwaighte

The Common: Contributors in Conversation



In this episode of The Common’s Contributors in Conversation podcast, Issue 08 contributors Antonio Monda and Ian Bassingthwaighte read and discuss their stories “Am I Speaking to Hyman Roth?” and “Reichelt’s Parachute.”






Contributors in Conversation: Antonio Monda and Ian Bassingthwaighte

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Skyline cropped


The chunk of the ball / On the cracked blacktop / And our torsos so covered / In sweat nearby the sea / Swells and the smell seeps / Into our hair and the air / Turns into night all around us / And the pebbles of the ball / Still tickle our palms as smoke / Trickles into our lungs...

Graffitied diamond

A List of His Flaws

Single-headed. / Flowering inwardly. / Barely felt in the birth canal... / Cupped like a handful of sea uncertainly held. / Carried fire to the human encampment. / Herod in boyhood. / An herbicide. / Given name known to the weapons inspectors. / Anchorite.

Headshot of Tara Skurtu


It was the first time I’d lived / with a man, and I wanted him // to translate the name of our street. / He was holding my cold fist // in his own, and we were on / Ofrandei, in the middle of unpaved // Bragadiru, Romania, on our way / home.