Contributors in Conversation: Richie Hofmann and Katherine Robinson

The Common: Contributors in Conversation



In this episode of The Common’s Contributors in Conversation podcast, Issue 07 contributors Katherine Robinson and Richie Hofmann discuss their poems “Birds of Rhiannon” and “Little Chapel.”






Contributors in Conversation: Richie Hofmann and Katherine Robinson

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Skyline cropped


The chunk of the ball / On the cracked blacktop / And our torsos so covered / In sweat nearby the sea / Swells and the smell seeps / Into our hair and the air / Turns into night all around us / And the pebbles of the ball / Still tickle our palms as smoke / Trickles into our lungs...

Graffitied diamond

A List of His Flaws

Single-headed. / Flowering inwardly. / Barely felt in the birth canal... / Cupped like a handful of sea uncertainly held. / Carried fire to the human encampment. / Herod in boyhood. / An herbicide. / Given name known to the weapons inspectors. / Anchorite.

Headshot of Tara Skurtu


It was the first time I’d lived / with a man, and I wanted him // to translate the name of our street. / He was holding my cold fist // in his own, and we were on / Ofrandei, in the middle of unpaved // Bragadiru, Romania, on our way / home.