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Graffitied diamond

A List of His Flaws

Single-headed. / Flowering inwardly. / Barely felt in the birth canal... / Cupped like a handful of sea uncertainly held. / Carried fire to the human encampment. / Herod in boyhood. / An herbicide. / Given name known to the weapons inspectors. / Anchorite.


Arrayga’s Inspection

From early morning, Arrayga had been smoking ravenously, cigarette after cigarette, staring blankly at the bedroom ceiling. When she opened the third packet, Kultouma came over and, eyes welling with tears, anxiously inquired: “Arrayga, calm down. What is it, sister?”

Image of Megan Pinto

Love, Under a Falling Sky

Say Chicken Little was right, that the sky / is falling. What I want to know is, / will the moon fall too? Will it bounce softly / like swiss cheese, or will it crumble / like a stale cookie? Do skies bruise? / Do they ache? And is the sky/ a metaphor for all the ills and evils / of the world?