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July 2023 Poetry Feature: Esteban Rodríguez

Please welcome new contributor ESTEBAN RODRÍGUEZ.


In LOTERÍA—which draws its form from the Mexican game of chance yet manages to convey a sense of inevitability with every line—Esteban Rodríguezpresents intimate and compassionate portraits of family members. Among the most vivid are those of his father, whose crossing of the desert is imagined in kaleidoscopic, multivalent sequences both harrowing and hallucinatory, and his mother, whose high spirits and physical sufferings are vividly reconstructed and turned for moving insights. Deeply companionable, offered in a voice that is simultaneously energetic and guided by confident restraint, these poems are full of love and clarity, an uncommon and welcome combination.  

—John Hennessy, Poetry Editor 

July 2023 Poetry Feature: Esteban Rodríguez