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Podcast: Tom Sleigh on “Last Cigarette” and “Apology to My Daughter”

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Transcript: Tom Sleigh Podcast

Tom Sleigh speaks to managing editor Emily Everett about his poems “Last Cigarette” and “Apology to My Daughter,” which appear in The Common’s fall issue. In this conversation, Tom talks about his time as a journalist in Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Kenya, Iraq, and Libya, and how that experience comes out in his poetry. He also discusses the process of putting together his new poetry collection from Graywolf, The King’s Touch, and how he sees the current Ukrainian refugee crisis playing out differently than crises in other parts of the world with less established infrastructure.

Image of Tom Sleigh's headshot and the Issue 22 cover (light blue background and pink seashell).

Podcast: Tom Sleigh on “Last Cigarette” and “Apology to My Daughter”