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The Deal with Discomfort: Claire Messud on “Likeability,” the Subjective Self, and Choosing an Artist’s Life

MELODY NIXON interviews CLAIRE MESSUD | You know, when I'm teaching writing I always say the to the students, "If you can not write, don't. If you can have as good a life, and feel fulfilled without writing, don't. Why would you?" Some people – who are very talented – can be as happy not writing. And then there are the people who can't; it's how they stay alive.

David Lehman on Literary New York, the KGB Bar, and His New and Selected Poems

S. TREMAINE NELSON interviews DAVID LEHMAN | All the writing you do, even the stuff least related to your concerns as a poet, helps your poetry. Writing good prose involves a mastering of structures as well as an ability to write persuasively, clearly, and economically, and these are virtues in poetry. (2014), an Arabic contemporary literature and arts website, writes a feature on Issue 06 contributor Hisham Bustani's collaboration with The Common.