January 20, 2016

Photo by Chris Kelsey

We booked three nights but stayed four. We traveled in-state to save money but spent just as much as we might have on flights to the West Coast. It was November. Going against all reason at our latitude, we headed north. 

They call this wind-whipped season on Lake Superior along Minnesota’s North Shore “the gales.” It follows fairly quickly upon the turn and drop of leaves. It helps usher many of those leaves away. Visitors are often turned away by these colder months. Room rates decline. A good number of businesses are open only a few days per week.

Superior, though, is always there, thundering away against the bruised, rocky shore.

We could say it was our daughter’s young age that made us think to go elsewhere or nowhere at all in colder months—Saint Paul gets cold enough—but even before her we hadn’t been the sort to travel north too long after Labor Day.

Maybe this year was different...