September 21, 2016

BAT pier

This July and August, I stayed at my friend Sarah’s apartment in Brooklyn while she and her family were in Vermont. The original plan was that I would cat-sit their black cat Buster, but they had a mouse problem at their Vermont place, so after ten days or so, they drove back into the city to reclaim Buster and put him to work.


The apartment was on 56th Street between 4th and 5th Avenues, not far from Green-Wood Cemetery, where I liked to take walks. Most days, I went to the Sunset Park pool in the late morning and then to the New York Public Library. The N train runs across the Manhattan Bridge, offering a view of the Brooklyn Bridge and, further off in the distance, the Statue of Liberty.


But I could also see the Statue of Liberty from another vantage point. In the evenings, when it wasn’t too hot, I took my dog Millie for walks out to the Brooklyn Army Terminal. We walked under the BQE, past laundromats, auto body shops, and NYU Lutheran Medical Center, past stone and furniture warehouses, and around a...