April 7th, 2014


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"The Common Statement" by Jennifer Acker


"Chanel" by Francesca Marciano

"A World of Wonder" by Elvis Bego

"Spindrift" by W. Ross Feeler

"from SANKYA" by Zakhar Prilepin

"Con" by Stephen O'Connor

"The Last Word" by Ariel Dorfman


"Plugs: Five Thoughts on Cady Noland's Stocks" by David Breslin with Lili Holzer-Glier


"Without" by Marisa Silver

"Bud" by Nalini Jones

"In Search of Božena Němcová" by Kelcey Parker


"Your Parents' House" by Zeina Hashem Beck

"Toast" by Manohar Shetty

"Little Chapel" by Richie Hofmann

"The Harbor" by Richie Hofmann

"An Opera with No Libretto" by George Looney

"Folk Magic" by Valerie Duff

"Birds of Rhiannon" by Katherine Robinson

"Jesus and the Herd of Pigs" by Sarah Wells

"Jumping Roofs" by David Livewell

"Erasure" by David Livewell

"The Coondle Elegies" by John Kinsella

"They Had Had It In Mind" by Caroline Knox

"Dissolution (Or, Landscape with Martyr)" by Jaydn DeWald

"Fugue: Two Painters" by Jaydn DeWald

"Henri Provence in Wessex" by Joseph Harrison

"The City" by Bruce Bond

"MR." by Nicholas Wong

"When I Was Straight" by Julie Marie Wade

"When an Old Classmate Learns I Am a Lesbian" by Julie Marie Wade

"Shook Music" by Leslie McGrath

"In Praise of Prey" by Leslie McGrath





November 13th, 2013


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"The Common Statement" by Jennifer Acker


"from Dust" by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor

"Mischief" by Megan Staffel

"Blue Mountains" by Jamie Edgecombe

"They Called It Shooting Then" by Tyler Sage

"Meetings" by Helen Hooper

"Freefall in a Shattered Mirror" by Hisham Bustani


"Peaks and Valleys: Klaksvik City Center, Faroe Islands" by Lateral Office with Luis Callejas (Introduction by Scott Geiger)

"The Art Palace of the West" by Esther Bell


"Boys with a Synth" by Benjamin Anastas

"Well-Armed" by Rowan Gerety Moore

"Geology Primer (Forgo, Cape Verde)" by Eleanor Stanford

"Big Not-So-Bad Wolves" by Leigh Newman


"After the USSR (Three Russian Poets)" by Catherine Ciepiela

"The Act of Darkness" by Polina Barskova

"the superior sun will never move" by Anna Glazova

"thread your fingers through whole hinges" by Anna Glazova

"The Zoo" by Maria Stepanova

"Seeing in the Dark" by Ron Welburn

"When You Know a Hard Sky" by Ron Welburn

"Models & Marie Antoinette: Two Escapes" by Maria Terrone

"Alternate Charles Ramsey" by Reginald Dwayne Betts

"The Nature of a Hedge" by Paula Bohince

"Cross-Fertilization" by Jeffrey Harrison

"A Drink of Water" by Jefrey Harrison

"Labyrinth 75" by Oliver de la Paz

"Labyrinth 76" by Oliver de la Paz

"Mayhem" by Brendan Galvin

"Love Poem with Elizabeth Bishop (Great Village, Nova Scotia)" by Denise Duhamel

"Kraft" by L. S. Klatt

"Apple" by L. S. Klatt

"O" by Peter Filkins

"How Strange, How Sweet" by Joshua Mehigan

"Believe It" by Joshua Mehigan

"Arab Springs" by Andrea Scott

"Aphrodite" by David Gavin

"Error Upon Me Proved" by William Wenthe




May 10th, 2013


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"The Common Statement" by Jennifer Acker


"High Heels" by Terese Svoboda

"Justice" by Lee Johnson

"Maygold" by Virginia Reeves

"Lukas and Elsa" by Earle McCartney

"Forgetfulness" by Norman Lock

"Race Fever" by Amy Brill

"Brushfire" by Anne Swärd


"Sensory Maps" by Kate McLean, Introduction by Amy Sande-Friedman

"The Four Times of Day" by William Hogarth, Introduction by Amy Sande-Friedman


"Koala" by Claire Messud

"The Obstinate Image" by Karen Latuchie

"Saying Yes to the Mountain" by E.A. Farro

"Vincent's Final Days" by Gregory Curtis


"Monhegan" by Peggy O'Brien

"Snow as Versions of Different Things" by Jon Thompson

"Borderlands, or Where is the Source of Corruption?" by Jon Thompson

"If I Should Tell You" by Beryten Breytenbach

"White Mountain" by Breyten Breytenbach

"Of Yellow Cellophane and Funerals" by Ian Maclellan

"Original Sin" by Lawrence Raab

"The Major Subjects" by Lawrence Raab

"The Mortality of Books" by Lawrence Raab

"They That Died in the Water, The Maidens Washed Their Bodies" by Jordana Rosenberg

"Booming, Spring Shoves Open the Door" by Mo Fei

"A Couple" Yang Jian

"[What They Were Building...]" by Cate McLaughlin

"The Bronze Décor" by David Lehman

"Remember the Typewriter" by David Lehman

"Mother Died Today" by David Lehman

"Piss Pot Comparisons" by Cralan Kelder

"Untitled" by Giampiero Neri

"Untitled" by Giampiero Neri

"Untitled" by Giampiero Neri

"Dear Darkness" by Alexei Tsvetkov

"August" by Alexei Tsvetkov

"Ode to the Coastal Flowers/Oda a las flores de la costa" by Pablo Neruda

"Ode to My Father" by Denise Duhamel

"Meditation on a Ficus Tree" by Denise Duhamel