October 17th, 2016

The Common Issue 12


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The Common Statement by Jennifer Acker



"Tell Me, Please" by Emily Chammah

"Things We Hold in Common" by Elvis Bego

"Santa Anita" by Sean Bernard

"The Next Thief of Magadan" by Vladislava Kolosova

"Mowing" by Elizabeth Poliner

From The Afterlife of Stars by Joseph Kertes

"The Drop" by Clare Beams



"The Storytelling Animal" by Anna Badkhen

"Looking for Ice" by Ralph Sneeden

"Passing Strange" by W. Ralph Eubanks

"Every Month is Black History Month" by Susan Straight



From Leave the Child by Akwe Amosu



"Mary, with Swag" by Erica Dawson

"Seventh-Day Adventist Kids are Pathfinders, Not Scouts" by Erica Dawson

"Virgil's Tattoo" by Max Freeman

"Wythe County in July" by Dolores Hayden

"Pegasus" by Valerie Duff

"11 Warnings: How to Avoid Talking Politics at Parties" by Denise Duhamel & Julie Marie Wade

"The Summerbook of Giyorgis Balthus" by Ishion Hutchinson

"The Blue Hat" by Wyatt Townley

"The Little Blue Purse" by Peter Schmitt

"Thirty-Two Days without Alcohol" by Serhiy Zhadan (translated by Ostap Kin)

"The Women" by Serhiy Zhadan (translated by Ostap Kin)

"The Noises" by J. D. McClatchy

"A Gift Horse" by Timothy Liu

"Tum Ab'aj" by Humberto Ak'abal (translated by Loren Goodman)

"And Then It Rains" by Karen Chase

"Malbolge" by Robert Bagg

"Nativity Scene" by Kevin O'Connor



Selections by Rico Gatson

Introduction by David E. Little


Rico Gatson Artwork    

    Rico Gatson: Watts Kids, 2015, color pencil and photograph on paper (22" x 30").

April 6th, 2016


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A Thousand and One Pebbles by Youssef Rakha

A Space for Dreaming by M. Lynx Qualey 



Specters & Spectators

The Abandoned Village by Hassan Blasim (Translated by Jonathan Wright)

“The Death Shroud by Abderrazak Boukebba (Translated by Adam Talib)

“A Bouquet by Fatima Al-Mazrouei (Translated by Katharine Halls) 

“Burdens by Mohammad Rabie (Translated by Mohamed El Sawi Hassan)

“Haphzardia by Mona Merhi (Translated by Nariman Youssef)

“Four Very Short Stories by Khaled Sameh (Translated by Nashwa Gowanlock)

“Khaduj Eats Children by Ahmed Al-Mo'azzen (Translated by Andrew Leber)

“Minouche by Anis Arafai (Translated by Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp)


Sleeplessness & Asylum

The Hush Void by Muhammad Khudayyir (Translated by Elisabeth Jaquette)

“Just Different by Malika Moustadraf (Translated by Alice Guthrie)

Fatal Dreams by Wajdi Al-Ahdal (Translated by William Maynard Hutchins)

“Statement of Absolute Hatred by Rasha Abbas (Translated by Alice Guthrie)

The Man Who Was Killed by Luay Hamza Abbas (Translated by Yasmeen Hanoosh)

“An Owl in Roskilde by Ismail Ghazali (Translated by Fadwa Al Qasem)

“Rhythmic Exercise by Mohamed Makhzangi (Translated by Yasmeen Hanoosh)


Disillusionment & Departure

“A Few Moments After Midnight” by Hisham Bustani (Translated by Thoraya El-Rayyes)

“Five Stories” by Zakaria Tamer (Translated by Maia Tabet)

“Ibrahim” by Ahmad Al-Wasel (Translated by Ghada Mourad)

“Vermilion Daze” by Estabraq Ahmad (Translated by Sawad Hussain)

“Yunus on the Beach” by Hassouna Mosbahi (Translated by William Maynard Hutchins)

“Disappointments (and a Few Clarifications)” by Basma Al-Nsour (Translated by Andrew Leber)

Excerpt from Limbo Beirut by Hilal Chouman (Translated by Anna Ziajka Stanton)

“The Passing Carts” by Mahmoud Al-Rahabi (Translated by Katharine Halls)

Excerpt from Au RevoirAkka by Ala Hlehel (Translated by Alice Guthrie)


October 15th, 2015


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The Common Statement by Jennifer Acker



Unwinding by Nick Fuller Googins

“Biarritz by Dwyer Murphy

from The Folly by Ivan Vladislavić

Key Concepts in Ecology by Michelle Ross

The Bone Church by Aaron Steven Miller

“On Grief by Gbolahan Adeola



“Siena by Katherine Dykstra

Puppetmaking by Aurelia Wills

Driving to Malaga by Todd Hearon

Hes-at-Home by Ben Shattuck



Millennium Camera by Jonathon Keats

The Story Behind the Scenes by Morgan Adams

Three Poems by Mazen Kerbaj



In The Dirt by Grant Kittrell

In That City, In Those Circles by Lawrence Joseph

Warriors in Art by Rob Welburn

“I Had Seven Handkerchiefs by Sylvie Durbec (Translated by Denis Hirson)

“from Shining Red in the Torrent by Sylvie Durbec (Translated by Denis Hirson)

Civil Service by Colin Channer

Braintree by Jen Jabaily-Blackburn

Postmark by Didi Jackson

“In 1988 by David Lehman

“Volunteer by David Lehman

“Legend by John Freeman

Reader/Writer by Denise Duhamel

“Because of Global Warming, by Luisa A. Igloria

Crescent City by Maurice Emerson Decaul

Pizza with Light Bulb by Zeina Hashem Beck

The Battle for Leningrad Begins by Jonathan Fink

Imitation by Jonathan Fink

Tree of Life by Bruce Bond


New Poems from China
Translated by Stephen Haven and Li Yongyi

“You Might Have Been My Brother by Tang Danhong

1967 by Yang Jian

Longing, a Lion by Zheng Min

III. The USA” by Li Yongyi