Contributors in Conversation: Hisham Bustani and Jamie Edgecombe

The Common: Contributors in Conversation



In this episode of The Common’s Contributors in Conversation podcast, Issue 06 contributors Hisham Bustani and Jamie Edgecombe read and discuss their fiction pieces “Freefall in a Shattered Mirror” and “Blue Mountains.”






Avery FarmerContributors in Conversation: Hisham Bustani and Jamie Edgecombe

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Andrew told me later they’d just wanted me to hear a familiar melody, a familiar language. They didn’t speak Albanian, so they brought whatever melody they came across—exotic, intricate. Rhythmic. I knew the song: it was a ballad about murder and lost love.

Malibu Beach

What if there were no light, he wondered. / Just sound & scent owning the night, without the invasive / Surf Shop green neon, or PCH streetlamps glowering at everyone. / Their glint was wrong, false, while the waves sounded / like aloe on a burn, a quick fix.

Basketball hoop

Baby Was Not Fine

Right before Baby finished ninth grade, Jerry (Baby’s dad) announced that Baby and Carla (Baby’s older sister) would work for him that summer. Baby thought it was a great idea. She would much rather landscape for Jerry than work at one of the three pizza/sub joints in town.