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Illustration of a dodo bird

The Dodo

When she sheds / her last moony / red potential / a woman sheds / also obligation / (insert obligation / elsewhere) / fading from / lure to lore. / Thus woman disappears twice. / The dodo’s gone. / Too lame to fly / too plentiful / to protect too / delicious to deny.

Lace curtain

Lace Curtain You Drape Over Every Mirror

Keep that smile / barbed, the wire / the horse leans against. / Birds crack seeds / on the other side of your glass / door. The body, blind, curves / its hedge down paths. / Time’s narrow microscope. / A clump of cells, narrow threader / juking the ground, / reverberates.

Poetry Feature Image

May 2019 Poetry Feature

Pattern your anxiety after Djuana Barnes. / Or any wrecked Parisian woman of adventurous arts and letters. / Lift the ban on reality: / He’s a man first; an ass second. / Calma on the tranquilizers, chica, / You’re not in a stable. / After a cup of café con cognac