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April Events

We've got a very busy April ahead of us - can you join us at an event? We'll be sharing our work, our expertise, and our brand new Issue 15 contributors with the world!

Ask a Local: Dagoberto Gilb, Austin, TX

With DAGOBERTO GILB   In this month’s Ask A Local, Dagoberto Gilb offers us a glimpse of Austin, TX in the form of a micro-interview. Your name: Dagoberto Gilb Current city or town: Austin, Texas How long have you lived here? 15 years 

Writing and Violence: An Interview with Judith Frank

MARNI BERGER interviews JUDITH FRANK | I knew from very early on that the novel was going to begin during the second Palestinian uprising, and that it was going to end on the day gay marriage became legal in MA. I didn’t know much about the novel's plot, but I did have that instinct.