Jesus, with gun

Erica Dawson
June 3, 2016
Erica Dawson
Why not? Your chance at vigilante,
to bring it home and fucking ante
up your omnipresence.
in the beginning, there was was
it good?
              It’s not. Where is your free
for all? What of that jealousy?
This is your chance to be a man
who keeps the shells because he can;
and, when he shoots, he always cocks
his head up towards his shadow box
shined up with carbon copied gods
and gutted animals. Thy rod's
Useless. The good word cannot make
morning beget another take
on mourning. 
                         Say you've been abused,
you have no choice, you can’t get used 
to it. No need to shake. Get stable.
Your hands wash clean in the water table.
Erica Dawson is the author of two collections of poetry: The Small Blades Hurt, winner of the 2016 Poet's Prize, and Big-Eyed Afraid, winner of the 2006 Anthony Hecht Prize.