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Mudflat Dreaming cover

Review: Mudflat Dreaming

Mudflat Dreaming takes its title from the Maplewood Mudflats, a stretch of riverbank just east of Vancouver that was home to a large settlement of artists, environmentalists, college professors, and retirees in the late ’60s and early ’70s. These squatters, dissatisfied with the constraints of contemporary life, constructed rambling homes on the shore from driftwood and other salvaged material.

Welcome Home

Friday Reads: March 2019

What preserves the book, five decades on, is Anna’s uncertainty and confrontation with these big ideas. How should you make your own life as part of the vanguard restructuring the way people have lived?

Tina Chang

Friday Reads: November 2018

Curated by: SARAH WHELAN Thank you to everyone who bought Issue 16, subscribed to receive a copy, or attended a launch event! To celebrate, this month we have three more contributors are here to give us peak at their bookshelves. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic novel, a contemporary essay collection, or an