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Cover of At Home in the New World

Review: Hurtling in the Same Direction – At Home in the New World

Maria Terrone’s grandparents were among the estimated nine million people who emigrated from Italy between 1881 and 1927. While her parents were born in the United States, her connection to Italy is deep, informing her identity and experiences as much as being a lifelong New Yorker has.

bustani headshot

Translation as Art: Against Flattening

The simultaneous, yet separate, publication of the English translations and their Arabic originals... affirms that the English and Arabic texts are intimately connected and yet distinct; that translation is creative work in its own right.

Mudflat Dreaming cover

Review: Mudflat Dreaming

Mudflat Dreaming takes its title from the Maplewood Mudflats, a stretch of riverbank just east of Vancouver that was home to a large settlement of artists, environmentalists, college professors, and retirees in the late ’60s and early ’70s. These squatters, dissatisfied with the constraints of contemporary life, constructed rambling homes on the shore from driftwood and other salvaged material.