Weekly Writes Vol. 6: Accountable You

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Weekly Writes is a ten-week program designed to help you create original place-based writing, beginning January 24.

We’re offering both poetry AND prose, in two separate programs. What do you want to prioritize in 2022? Pick the program, sharpen your pencils, and get ready for a weekly dose of writing inspiration (and accountability) in your inbox!

Weekly Writes Vol. 6 kicks off on January 24, just in time to help you stay accountable on your New Year’s resolutions and 2022 goals! Sign up now.

In addition to prompts and writing advice, Vol. 6 includes an added accountability angle. It can be hard to commit to a regular writing practice, but we’re here to help! Using Google Classroom, participants will turn in one page of writing per week and will receive an email from us acknowledging that they have completed their writing for that week. At the program’s end, participants will receive an email letting them know how many weeks they submitted work. Writing will not be read and no feedback will be provided, but we will help you stay on track and celebrate your success!

The program costs just $25 for 10 weeks (that’s only $2.50 per week!). This fee includes one free, expedited* submission via Submittable after program completion.

Want to learn more about the program and how it works before you sign up? Visit our FAQ page

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Each week participants receive:

⇒  Three writing prompts appropriate for both beginning and advanced writers.

    • For prose writers, two prompts each week will focus on generating new material and the third will guide participants through the process of writing a longer story.
    • For poets, the three weekly prompts will be a mix: generative prompts for creating brand new work, and prompts to guide revision on previous compositions.

⇒  Examples and readings to accompany some prompts, which were directly inspired by content from our magazine.

⇒  A look behind-the-scenes from our editors and contributors, with advice about writing, revising, and submitting, in addition to insights into what we’re looking for when selecting work for The Common.

⇒  An accountability incentive: upload one page per week to our system, and receive acknowledgment of your commitment to your writing practice (pages will not be read).


Weekly Writes Vol. 6: Accountable You

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