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Issue 2

From the Windows of the Kew Lunatic AsylumBy SUSAN KINSOLVING The view excavated any hope of escape. “Ha ha!” the trench, that sunken fence, seemed to say with its furrows dug deep enough for despair. 
 Though from the other side, the public saw swept views, open expanses, a landscaped guise. The asylum appeared to

How To Perform a Tracheotomy

The first thing you need to know is that the tracheotomy 
is an act of desperation and/or violence that should only be 
committed when there is no other option. 

How to Detangle a Bird Caught in Your Hair

Once you have grown a luscious mane, gather images on your lion tongue: ripe peaches, sizzle of bacon, crisp campfire scent of an almost winter night, handful of rain or feathers or marbles, the details of sunset, and and fast cars. Weave your materials carefully. Remember that birds like shiny things. The colors and flavors you choose may affect the type of bird you lure into your hair-nest.