Issue 2


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The Common Statement” by Jennifer Acker


From the Windows of The Kew Lunatic Asylum” by Susan Kinsolving

The Fashion of La Folie” by Susan Kinsolving

Pvt. William O. Walker Recalls Walter Reed Army Hospital: Eye, Ear, & Nose Unit, 1947” by Susan Kinsolving

Ambroise Paré, 1579” by Susan Kinsolving

Ludwig Josef Johan” by Arkady Dragomoshchenko (translated by Thomas Epstein)

Cries and Whispers” by Major Jackson

Special Needs” by Major Jackson

Paired Leaves” by Jennifer Habel

California” by Cralan Kelder

Boys” by Cralan Kelder

Religion” by Cralan Kelder

Tattoo” by Rosanna Oh

Miss Ohio Teaches You To Drive” by Corinna McClanahan Schroeder

Eclipse” by Tom Sleigh

Lions” by Tom Sleigh

Many Desires, Many Secrets” by Tom Sleigh

How To Perform a Tracheotomy” by Hollie Hardy

How To Jump From a Building Into a Dumpster” by Hollie Hardy

Land Rush” by Stephen Haven

Death in an Art Deco House” by Arvind Krishna Mehrota

The Sting in the Tail” by Arvind Krishna Mehrota

Original” by Jacquelyn Pope

Survivor” by Jacquelyn Pope

Zijnstra Inc.” by Hester Knibbe (translated by Jacquelyn Pope)

Figurine” by Timothy Watt

Cradle Song” by Cody Walker

Gemology” by Marie Gauthier

Functions of Water” by Nathaniel Perry

While Our Father Was Hunting Rocks” by Elizabeth Hazen

Frond” by Daniel Tobin

Parasitical” by Daniel Tobin

The Net” by Daniel Tobin


Ingres at the Morgan” curated by Esther Bell

A Home for All” curated by Michael Kelly


Macario” by Juan Rulfo (translated by Ilan Stavans & Harold Augenbraum)

The Smuggler” by Katia Kapovich (translated by Philip Nikolayev)

Birds” by Jessie Marshall

The Long Gone Daddies” by David Williams

Geometry” by Martha Cooley

Elisha in the River” by Susan Stinson


El mundo al revés/The World Upside Down” by Ilan Stavans & Teresa Villegas


Above Grade: New York City’s High Line” by Phillip Lopate

Realism in Nature’s Garden” by Sarah Luria & Daniel Jackson

Gypsy” by J. Malcolm Garcia

Issue 2