Best of In House

During this holiday week, The Common is presenting highlights from the past year.  Today we present highlights from our weekly staff column, In House.

Check out Sonya Chung’s piece “Annals of Mobility: On Youth, Adventures, and the Territories of Adulthood” and Melody Nixon’s “Finding Common Ground: Aurora, Nebraska”.


Photograph by Raphael Matto

Olivia ZhengBest of In House

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Welcome to the Future

Most of the other diners were Chinese; Buddhism was trendy among the well-to-do of the city. I imagined the tower block in the suburbs now housing the displaced granny this courtyard house had been seized from. . . This place had been somebody’s home.

A green garden viewed through a fence

Bella Figura

The best garden in Brooklyn is like Fred Astaire / Charming but inaccessible. / A private creation for public viewing. / I look down into it from my living room, / Its spilling vines and spruce hedge-tops lend cachet to my garden. / Yet a high fence keeps us / Properly separate.

Arabs on the Beach

Arabs on the Beach in Alexandria

The gardens dehydrated, and on the beach no fruit or fresca were sold. Knotted garbage bags waited at the ends of roads for men who never came. The mosque at prayer time was desolate. For a people whose presence inspires such unease, the absence of Bedouins was chilling.