Best of In House

During this holiday week, The Common is presenting highlights from the past year.  Today we present highlights from our weekly staff column, In House.

Check out Sonya Chung’s piece “Annals of Mobility: On Youth, Adventures, and the Territories of Adulthood” and Melody Nixon’s “Finding Common Ground: Aurora, Nebraska”.


Photograph by Raphael Matto

Olivia ZhengBest of In House

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Project for a Trip to China

I have always been partial to this story. Like the narrator, I have always imagined I would go to China one day. Doesn’t every Chinese person not from China have a project for a trip to China? My mother, even as a little girl in Hong Kong, yearned to see the Three Gorges.

Family Photo

Land Not Theirs

I have just a few weeks to come up with eight thousand dollars in order to register for spring classes. The most obvious resolution would be that I take the semester off, move back to Ohio… But I know that the likelihood of returning to school after a long break is small.

Street intersection blown down by wind.

Tonight, the Wind

She rocked the shore with her savage breath, and the waters were not any kinder. It was a brutal noise, the bastard child of a jet engine and a rock concert without any trace of surrealism’s grace. The zinc roofs were the first to go, but even the sturdier buildings were stripped.