Contributors in Conversation: Oliver de la Paz and L. S. Klatt

The Common: Contributors in Conversation



In this episode of The Common’s Contributors in Conversation podcast, Issue 06 contributors Oliver de la Paz and L. S. Klatt read and discuss their poems “Labyrinth 76” and “Apple.”






Contributors in Conversation: Oliver de la Paz and L. S. Klatt

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Translation: Poems by María Paz Guerrero

Time fills with holes / and puts the scarce body / into one of them // It covers its skeleton of wind / so the current / doesn’t rub against its prickly outside // The air would split into smithereens / if it were touched by the spines // It doesn’t seek to become cuts on the cheek

Image of Jose Jose Hernandez Diaz and Issue 21 Cover.

Podcast: Jose Hernandez Diaz on “Ode to a California Neck Tattoo”

Jose Hernandez Diaz speaks to managing editor Emily Everett about his poem “Ode to a California Neck Tattoo,” which appears in The Common’s spring issue. In this conversation, Jose talks about finding his way to prose poetry, initially drawn in by its casual language and style.

Crack willow branch

August 2021 Poetry Feature

Across the washes, planted on the banks, / crack willow held the drains and dykes in place, / kept them in line, kept them cleanly going, / just as the water, glupping along, fed them, // and then their pollarded branches might be / woven into hives to snaffle eels overnight.