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I Believe in New Yorkers

MELODY NIXON | In my first months in New York City I rode in the back of taxicabs through Central Park thinking, “When will this sink in? When will it feel like I know where I am.”

We Don’t Ride Reindeer Here: An Interview with Justin Taylor

MELODY NIXON interviews JUSTIN TAYLOR | I believe that all work is necessarily of its specific time. There’s just no getting around that, even if you’re consciously writing historical or speculative fiction. I’m not interested in zeitgeists, but I am interested in the way that people live, think, and speak; the technologies we use; our experience of ourselves and each other in everyday life.

Searching the In-Between: Flight MH370 and the Emotional Landscape of the Missing

Your identity becomes one of potentials, of possible outcomes. This uncertainty is shapeless. It is also something you can, paradoxically, cling to, because it holds the chance of eventual certainty. The questions engulfed my family thickly, like jellyfish in a warm current. Suddenly, previously impossible things were possible.

Rethinking Utopia: An Interview with Rich Benjamin

MELODY NIXON interviews RICH BENJAMIN | I would definitely describe myself as a “journalist-adventurer.” I like to write about things that haven’t been written, and that require some form of mental and physical adventure. I don’t like to go on assumptions about what people think is going on.

Bed-Stuy – Buy or Die?

MELODY NIXON | Walking down Van Buren Street I passed a high, metal wall topped with barbed wire. The wall hid several dogs with big barks and cast a film noir-like glow over the entire block.

Where I Don’t Write

MELODY NIXON | I’m a migrant and a wanderer, and I’m never really sure where my home is located – in the environment, or inside me?

Changing Places: Ich Bin Ein Berliner

MELODY NIXON | We painted lipstick on our lips and watched businessmen in suits flip open Die Welt, grazing the top of the newspaper with their line of sight, conspicuously shy in their observations of two foreign frauen.

Changing Places: Mining Mongolia

MELODY NIXON | I hadn’t come to Mongolia seeking an education in the politics of development, but the signs of rapid, double-edged growth were everywhere.

Changing Places: The New Siberia

MELODY NIXON | But head to the heart of Siberia, an easy enough thing to do as this recent New York Times article describes, and you won’t be able to feed all your Soviet-porn fetishes.