Photo by Author
November 21, 2015

At the site of “The Bloodiest One Day Battle in American History,” now rolling farmland, there are various examples of cannons and monuments commemorating regiments, officers, infantry. . .

November 20, 2015
Through the window, clam-tight, oozes
A dark cloud, flowing beneath the ceiling.
Leaves rain down, drizzling,
Burying my body, the flames not yet dead.
November 18, 2015

All the small griefs, the petty slights, the imagined
worst things, he’s placed them each

in its own little cage . . .

reviewed by James Dickson
November 14, 2015

For most of us living close to the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Katrina, which struck on August 29, 2005, was a monster of nearly mythical proportions.

Photo by author
November 12, 2015

West of the village the big dunes, called “sea mountains,” rise. . . these big piles of sand are pushed up from nowhere by the North Sea.