reviewed by Julia Lichtblau
February 2, 2016

Every so often a contemporary novel makes me want to go back to college—not because I don’t get it, but because the book induces a craving to know everything about its world.

Photo by M. Sharkey
February 2, 2016
Lilliet’s feminism is a survivor’s feminism... It was a time when the women who were able to be free had to create these larger-than-life personae and whatever freedoms they won came from those personae.
reviewed by Olga Zilberbourg
January 30, 2016

The world from which Ludo escapes is alien and dangerous. White and perceived as wealthy, she has become a target. Her sister is likely dead, her own life worth little.

Photo by Flickr Creative Commons user ellevalentine
January 29, 2016

Nick me, cut this tongue’s
thin anchor, heat the nail head

red to white

reviewed by Andrew Willis
January 23, 2016

Small Backs is not a traditional work, but an experimental, semi-autobiographical intellectual journey. In it, we often don’t empathize with the characters, but use them as the medium through which to consider ideas and philosophies.