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Listen to Editor in Chief Jennifer Acker discuss The Common, the role of place in literature, and the editorial process.

The Personal (Essay) is Not Dead: Interviews Editor Melody Nixon talks with Mensah Demary about audience and desire, creative partnerships, “getting out of his own way,” and why the personal essay is not dead (“the idea is absurd”). Demary’s essay “Blood and Every Beat” appears in Issue 13.

Topical Poetry: Jonathan Moody and Melody Nixon discuss poetry activism, politics, Houston skyscrapers, and the “cosmopolitan radiance” or Downtown Pittsburgh. Moody’s poems “What’s Goin’ On?” and “On Being Thirty-Six” appear in Issue 13.

David Lehman talks with S. Tremaine Nelson about literary New York, the KGB Bar, and cross-genre learning. Lehman’s “Two Poems in the Courtly Manner” appear in Issue 13.

Artist Amanda Valdez discusses favorite apps, guilty pleasures, drawing inspiration from history, and the ways in which museums serve as a mean to educate oneself. Valdez’s work is featured in “Under Current: Tidal Pull,” which appears in Issue 13.

The Art of Translation: over on the Asymptote blog, contributor Ilan Stavans discusses the art of translation. Stavans’ translation of “Embraceable” by Juan Carlos Marset appears in Issue 13.


Daedalus in Oxyana” by William Brewer

Passeggiata in Linguaglossa” by Judith Baumel

Good Boys” by Megan Fernandes

Twenty Minutes at the Clam Shack” by Cassie Pruyn

It’s a Nasty Habit and I’m Trying to Quit” by Holly Burdorff

Obituary” by Robert Cording

Explore these collected resources on literary translation, and focused readings and lesson plans to accompany our portfolios of Arabic literature in translation.

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Teach Issue 13