Issue 27

A special portfolio of Arabic fiction from Chad, South Sudan, and Eritrea; short stories from Cairo, Taiwan, and New Mexico; essays on memory, youth, and desire; and poems on history, love, and friendship from Cortney Lamar Charleston, Eleanor Stanford, January Gill O’Neil, Leila Chatti, and more.


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Table of Contents Issue 27

Arabic Stories from Chad, South Sudan, and Eritrea

A Slippery Coffin” by Ahmed Shekay, translated by Addie Leak
A Cause Postponed” by Simon Abraham Odhok Akudnyal, translated by Addie Leak
Excerpts From Great-Grandfather Hage’s Biography” by Abu Bakr Kahal, translated by Perween Richards
Human Trees Are Not Moved by Wind” by Adam Youssouf, translated by Addie Leak
Morning Light” by Jemal Humed, translated by Addie Leak
Symphony of the South” by Tahir Annour, translated by Mayada Ibrahim
The Day Azrael Committed Suicide” by Arthur Gabriel Yak, translated by Sawad Hussain
Zero” by Stella Gaitano, translated by Sawad Hussain


Exploring the Intersection: Coptic Motifs & Social Realism in Eritrean Art” by Michael Adonai


Rabbit” by Jade Song
Papel Picado” by A. J. Rodriguez
Patron Saints” by Kevin Dean


I Am, I Said” by David Meischen
Thirty-Seven Theses on Time and Memory” by Sven Birkerts


It’s Important I Remember That Journalism Is the First Draft of History—” by Cortney Lamar Charleston
Lover, before the pandemic” by Eleanor Stanford
Avenue B” by Kevin Hautigan
Sunnyside” by January Gill O’Neil
My Freedom” by Maria De Caldas Antão
My Sentimental Afternoon” by Leila Chatti
Black-Out Baby” by Juliet S. K. Kono
Herman’s Bones” by Amalia Bueno
Atlanta Spa Mass Shootings” by Ann Inoshita
Ecstasy Facsimile” by Mark Anthony Cayanan
At Basilica Notre-Dame” by Michelle Lewis
Indoles and Aphrodite” by Lakshmi Sunder
Sappho on the Rocks” by Oksana Maksymchuk
Workshopping the Elements” by Meryl Altman
Woodpecker” by Jeffrey Harrison
Jesuit School Fountain Ravens” by John Davis Jr.
Theology of Flight” by Christopher Bakken
Call and Response” by Trey Moody
S O” by L.S. Klatt
Recurrence” by Sean Cho A.
Was to Get It” by Matthew Lippman
Dover” by Nguyen Binh
Around Sunset” by James Richardson
Among Trees” by James Richardson

Issue 27