Reading List: National Translation Month

As part of our calendar celebrating national heritage months and observances, explore these selected works in translation.


A collage by Kanya Kanchana, showing a sepia photograph of an old building, text from old books, and sketches of old ships

Collage by Kanya Kanchana


Explore works in translation, many presented bilingually and introduced by the translator:

  • Hebe Uhart’s essay “A Trip to La Paz” translated from the Spanish by Anna Vilner


Explore these special portfolios of literature in translation in our print issues:

  • Each spring The Common features a portfolio of contemporary Arabic fiction in translation; explore stories from Jordan (Issue 15), Syria (Issue 17), Sudan (Issue 19), and Morocco (Issue 21), as well as Issue 11, entirely dedicated to fiction from across the Arab world
  • Issue 20’s portfolio: Writing from the Lusosphere, features numerous poems, essays, and short fiction translated from the Portuguese.


Classroom Resources:

Literary Translation: Readings, Interviews, and Resources, including selections to accompany our Arabic fiction portfolios

Sample Lesson Plan: Living with an Author and a Translator


Image courtesy of Pexels user Carolina Grabowska.

Reading List: National Translation Month