Issue 20

A special portfolio of writing from the Lusosphere: Portugal and its colonial and linguistic diaspora, with works in English and in translation exploring Lisbon, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, and Mozambique. A debut short story by Silvia Spring, essays on home and complicity, and the DISQUIET Prize-winning poem.


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The Common Statement by Jennifer Acker

Portfolio: Writing from the Lusosphere

Introduction by Jeff Parker

Fiction from the Lusosphere

The Treasure Hunt of August Dias” by Katherine Vaz

Maria, I’m going to War” by José Pinto de Sá (Translated by Jethro Soutar)

A Fourteen-Hour Lesson in Theosophy” by Edgar Garbelotto

Sea of Azov” by Hélio Pólvora (Translated by Amanda Sarasien)

Vigilância” by Casey Walker

The Donor” by Teolinda Gersão (Translated by Margaret Jull Costa)

Essays from the Lusosphere

Nobody Goes to Mértola” by Oona Patrick

Brief Exchanges” by Susana Moreira Marques (Translated by Julia Sanches)

It’s Done” by Rui Cardoso Martins (Translated by Dean Thomas Ellis)

Her Borders Become Her” by Fátima Policarpo

Under Our Skin—A Journey” by Joaquim Arena (Translated by Jethro Soutar)

The Year of the Birth of Alberto Caeiro” by Richard Zenith

Poetry from the Lusosphere

Alone, I Arrive in a Looted City” by José Luís Peixoto (Translated by Hugo dos Santos)

The Rower of the Maré” by Eliane Marques (Translated by Tiffany Higgins)

Ascendant Scorpio” by Matilde Campilho (Translated by Hugo dos Santos)

Another Education” by Cristina Carlos (Translated by Jethro Soutar)

Amblyopia” by Ananda Lima

and the amazed girls….” by Eleanor Stanford

two chairs” by Jarid Arraes (Translated by Marguerite Itamar Harrison)

Kikawa” by Landa wo

The Streets are Effulgent” by João Luís Barreto Guimarães (Translated by Calvin Olsen)

The Mermaids’ Cry” by Leonardo Tonus (Translated by Carolyne Wright)

It’s Raining in L.A. What Else I’m Pose to Do” by Shauna Barbosa


Exile” by Clara Obligado (Translated by Rachel Ballenger)

The Home Front” by Silvia Spring


In Search of a Homeplace” by LaToya Faulk

‘You Like to Have Some Cup of Tea?’ and Other Questions About Complicity and Place” by Deborah Lindsay Williams


Provincetown” by Francisco Márquez

The Jews of Kaifeng” by Adrienne Su

Berlin (Eulogy 1)” by Peter LaBerge

Pow-Wow at Thomas Square” by Delaina Thomas

Playing Proctor” by Steven Leyva

Attraction” by Rose McLarney

Gródek” by Bruce Bond

Enter Different Electronics (II)” by Rodney A. Brown

The Couple” by KC Trommer

Sketchbook: Naples, Florida” by Robert Cording

No Alphabet” by Joanne Dominique Dwyer

Song: Travels with the Littlest of Satans” by Peter Cooley

The News” by Bruce Snider

Reach” by Iain Twiddy

Building” by Kanya Kanchana

Accompanying Online-Only Writing from the Lusosphere


Brazilian Poets in Translation (“A body on the sand” by Leonardo Tonus, translated by Carolyne Wright, and “Federal Intervention” by Eliane Marques, translated by Tiffany Higgins)

Lusa-American Poetry Feature (“Central Valley” by Carolyn Silveira, “Carlota Wears Her Sister’s Life Like Skin” by Nancy Viera Cuoto, and “California” by Jennifer Jean


A Cornstalk” by Rubem Braga, translated by Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren


Blue Hydrangeas” by Esmeralda Cabral

For Want Of” by Jeremy Klemin 

Islanders” by Scott Laughlin 


Ashanti/Disquiet” by Kanya Kanchana


Ask a Local with José Pinto de Sá: Maputo, Mozambique,”  translated by Jethro Soutar

Ask a Local with Joaquim Arena: Praia, Cape Verde Islands,” translated by Jethro Soutar

Ask a Local with Landa wo: Strasbourg, France” 

Playing Frankenstein: an interview with Alison Entrekin” with Heath Wing 


Bread N’ Roses” by Erica Plouffe Lazure


Issue 20