green cassette tape unspooled on a creamy beige background Though Kinsella is a dense and ramified poet, basic affirmations stand out in his work: of the land, and especially, of animals.” Nicholas Birns   |   Review of INSOMNIA » green cassette tape unspooled on a creamy beige background In my poems, birds are more metaphorical, for something that is able to leave. Very often, I’m writing from a place of anxiety or around themes of containment—containment within the self, but also within space.” Sara Elkamel   |   New Interview » green cassette tape unspooled on a creamy beige background The ethos of the modern world is defined by immigrants. Their stories have always been an essential component of our cultural consciousness.” The Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant Writing 2021 Finalists »
Cover of Here is A Body by Basma Abdel Aziz

Excerpt: The Abduction

They came at four o’clock in the morning and I was too sleepy to get out of the way in time. They trampled on the big trash bin and planted their heavy boots on the mass of bodies. My hand was crushed under someone’s boot, along with Emad’s arm.

Headshot of Nina Kossman

Report Card

Seven years after their graduation, most of my father’s German classmates and their parents were forced to accept Hitler’s so called “Volksdeutsche” invitation and migrated to Germany, many of them losing everything they had, including of course, their homes in Latvia.

Crack willow branch

August 2021 Poetry Feature

Across the washes, planted on the banks, / crack willow held the drains and dykes in place, / kept them in line, kept them cleanly going, / just as the water, glupping along, fed them, // and then their pollarded branches might be / woven into hives to snaffle eels overnight.


Bat Season in Austin

But the shivery feeling remained; that contact with a stranger was a switch point in my mind. Any kind of creature, wonderful or mundane, slinked in the nooks and crannies of the city celebrated for its weirdness.

Cover of Insomnia by John Kinsella

Review: Insomnia by John Kinsella

Kinsella is an Australian poet, now in his late fifties, who is at once one of the most widely recognized figures in contemporary poetry yet still too little known in some literary quarters.

Using The Common in my first-year seminars has been fun, fruitful, and helpfully startling for these classes.”

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