Issue 24

Stories about an artist from Iceland, a grandmother in Italy, a journalist in India, and lovers in Berlin, and essays on race, memory, spirituality, and forest fires. Plus poems by National Book Award finalist Tommye Blount, the DISQUIET Prize-winning poem by Darius Simpson, and much more.


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Table of Contents 


Tsunami Bride” by Sindya Bhanoo 

Lions of the Church” by Ahmed Naji, translated by Ben Koerber

Geist” by Kathleen Heil 

Iceberg, Mine” by Gerardo Sámano Córdova 

Dream Catcher” by Logan Lane

In Heat” by Gabriel Carle, translated by Heather Houde

Operation Avalanche” by Rossella Milone, translated by Laura Masini and Linda Worrell


Which One is the Lifeline?” by Alexis M. Wright

Reading the Ashes” by Robin Lee Carlson 

Perfect Storms” by Alexandra Teague

The Desire Tree” by Meera Nair 


Charcoal” by Tommye Blount 

Klan Giant” by Tommye Blount

Terror” by Tommye Blount

[ Heart Fragments ]” by Joseph O. Legaspi 

Our Night Hangs by a Thread” by Akwe Amosu

Maiden’s Tower” by Tara Skurtu

Galleria” by Austin Segrest

Homeless” by Hussain Ahmed

Nine Twelve Poem” by Anacaona Rocio Milagro

A Wakened State” by Sara Munjack 

Kafka’s Bee & Flower Love Poem” by Tom Paine

‘Can’t you see I’m a fool’” by Lauren Hilger

Loneliness” by John Freeman

For My Parents” by Elizabeth Metzger

Suppose You Were a Bad Ghost” by Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello

Ode to Powerline” by Darius Simpson (winner of the 2022 DISQUIET Prize for Poetry)

Bones and Ghosts” by David Mills

All We Are Given We Cannot Hold” by Robert Fanning

Jerome Sons” by Terri Witek

The Lesson” by Daniel Tobin

Guy with a Gun” by Matt Donovan

Issue 24