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Supplementary materials for teaching Issue 05 are listed below.


Listen to Editor in Chief Jennifer Acker discuss The Common, the role of place in literature, and the editorial process.

Claire Messud and Melody Nixon talk about fiction, philosophy, and that comment about the “likeability”of literary characters. Messud’s essay “Koala” appears in Issue 05.

David Lehman talks with S. Tremaine Nelson about literary New York, the KGB Bar, and cross-genre learning. Lehman’s poems “Mother Died Today,” “Remember the Typewriter,” and “The Bronze Décor” appear in Issue 05.

Terese Svoboda and Zinzi Clemmons discuss Sudan, life in foreign cultures, and multi-genre writing. Svoboda’s short story “High Heels” appears in Issue 5.

Amy Brill and S. Tremaine Nelson talk about the island of Nantucket, historical fiction, and the first American female astronomer, Maria Mitchell, who shares characteristics with Hannah Price, the heroine of Brill’s novel. Brill’s story “Race Fever” appears in Issue 05.

Norman Lock and Lindsay Stern discuss fable, place, sociology, and more. Lock’s short story “Forgetfulness” appears in Issue 05.


Literary Translation

Explore these collected resources on literary translation.

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