Issue 5


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The Common Statement” by Jennifer Acker


High Heels” by Terese Svoboda

Justice” by Lee Johnson

Maygold” by Virginia Reeves

Lukas and Elsa” by Earle McCartney

Forgetfulness” by Norman Lock

Race Fever” by Amy Brill

Brushfire” by Anne Swärd


Sensory Maps” by Kate McLean, Introduction by Amy Sande-Friedman

The Four Times of Day by William Hogarth” Introduction by Amy Sande-Friedman


Koala” by Claire Messud

The Obstinate Image” by Karen Latuchie

Saying Yes to the Mountain” by E.A. Farro

Vincent’s Final Days” by Gregory Curtis


Monhegan” by Peggy O’Brien

Snow as Versions of Different Things” by Jon Thompson

Borderlands, or Where is the Source of Corruption?” by Jon Thompson

If I Should Tell You” by Beryten Breytenbach

White Mountain” by Breyten Breytenbach

Of Yellow Cellophane and Funerals” by Ian Maclellan

Original Sin” by Lawrence Raab

The Major Subjects” by Lawrence Raab

The Mortality of Books” by Lawrence Raab

They That Died in the Water, The Maidens Washed Their Bodies” by Jordana Rosenberg

Booming, Spring Shoves Open the Door” by Mo Fei

A Couple” Yang Jian

[What They Were Building…]” by Cate McLaughlin

The Bronze Décor” by David Lehman

Remember the Typewriter” by David Lehman

Mother Died Today” by David Lehman

Piss Pot Comparisons” by Cralan Kelder

Untitled” by Giampiero Neri

Untitled” by Giampiero Neri

Untitled” by Giampiero Neri

Dear Darkness” by Alexei Tsvetkov

August” by Alexei Tsvetkov

Ode to the Coastal Flowers/Oda a las flores de la costa” by Pablo Neruda

Ode to My Father” by Denise Duhamel

Meditation on a Ficus Tree” by Denise Duhamel

Issue 5