Issue 9


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The Common Statement” by Jennifer Acker


Between the Lines” by Sujata Shekar

God’s Fingernail” by Masha Hamilton

Leaving Walter” by Lori Ostlund

Protection” by Paola Peroni

The Electric City” by Kashana Cauley

The King of Bubbles” by Edie Meidav

Detail from Post Blue Six” by Carolyn Kuebler

Bombay/Mumbai: India from Inside and Out

Essays & Recipes

The Kindness of Strangers” by Nonita Kalra

Papad” by Suketu Mehta

Where Does the Time Go?” by Amit Chaudhuri

Jesse Owens, Mr. Harris, and Me” by Nina McConigley

Mom’s Dal” by Nirmala Swamidoss McConigley

Pomfret Chutney Masala” by Bijoya Chaudhuri

Bhel Puri” by Jehangir Mehta


The Sense in Turning Away” by Teju Cole

The Dictator’s Bedroom” by Ileana Selejan

Poetics (Fragments/Fragmentos)

What Always Pulls At Me” by Luis Muñoz (Translated by Curtis Bauer)

Poetry Never Stops Defining and Redefining Its Terrain” by Luis Muñoz (Translated by Curtis Bauer)


The First Last Light in the Sky” by Rowan Ricardo Phillips

The Ice Hotel” by Richard Michelson

Some Proof of Love” by Jacquelyn Pope

Bone Almanac” by Jacquelyn Pope

From Eidolon” by Sandeep Parmar

Midnight, and people I love are dying,” by Robin Chapman

Storm” by Will Schutt

Tiny Sun” by Margot Douaihy

On Being A Vine” by Rae Paris

Basta” by Sara London

The Post-Graduates” by Peter Jay Shippy

Postcolonial Chicken” by John Matthias

Two Flat Tires” by Kevin C. Stewart

I Went Sick as a Child…” by Arseny Tarkovsky (Translated by Valzhyna Mort)

Yelabuga” by Valzhyna Mort

Lottery Ticket and Fuck All” by Michael Catherwood

Hellgrammite Cloud” by Gary Metras

Dante Or, The End of Poetry” by Patrick Pritchett

Issue 9