Issue 23

A special portfolio of Palestinian stories in translation from Arabic, fiction set in 15th-century Italy, Appalachia, and the Texas-Mexico border, essays from India and France, and poems by Mary Jo Salter, Tina Cane, G. C. Waldrep, and David Hernandez.


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Arabic Short Stories from Palestine

A Letter to Kofi Annan” by Mahmoud Shukair (Translated by Nariman Youssef)

The Roc Flew Over Shahraban” by Samira Azzam (Translated by Ranya Abdelrahman)

Granada” by Suhail Matar (Translated by Amika Fendi)

The Stranger” by Abeer Khshiboon (Translated by Nashwa Gowanlock)

Who Drew the Curtains?” by Sheikha Hussein Helawy (Translated by Nariman Youssef)

Night’s Froth” by Khaled Al-Jebour (Translated by Amika Fendi)

Oh, My Nana” by Suheir Abu Oksa Daoud (Translated by Nashwa Gowanlock)

Day Trip” by Izzat al-Ghazzawi (Translated by Nariman Youssef)

Well-Lit Garden” by Ziad Khaddash (Translated by Amika Fendi)

Curses” by Eyad Barghuthy (Translated by Nashwa Gowanlock)


Three Omens of Federico da Montefeltro” by Ben Stroud

Ropa Usada” by Fernando A. Flores

The Birthday” by Eider Rodríguez (Translated by Julia Sanches)

Idlewild” by Nathan Jordan Poole

Spin” by Cheryl Collins Isaac


Flashé Sur Moi” by Adrienne G. Perry

The Woman in the Well” by Anu Kumar

Marching Bands of Mahatma Gandhi Road” by Liesl Schwabe


A Letter to Leena” by Mary Jo Salter

Letter to Emily Brontë” by Jane Satterfield

Breakfast of Champions” by Tina Cane 

A Rage on Berbice, 1763” by Lynne Thompson

Mosaic School” by John Poch

Questions for the Night I Said I Love You” by Aldo Amparán

from Lockdown Garden by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra

In Which Raging Weather is a Gift” by Ellen Doré Watson

Drop Your Coins from the Skyscraper of Love” by Melissa Studdard

Hummingbird Tantra” by Corrie Williamson

Pastoral” by Michael Dumanis

Corn and Turns” by Lauren Camp

Adoption Day” by Mark Kyungsoo Bias

To My IUD” by Madeleine Mori

holy war” by Jordan Honeyblue

Side Mirror” by J. D. Scrimgeour

Of Prayers and Orisons” by Benjamin Paloff

George Rapp 4th of July” by G. C. Waldrep

On Foot” by Diane Thiel

Landscape with Cheetah Going Seventy in the Serengeti” by David Hernandez

Public Fishing Dock” by Ralph Burns


The Hindiyeh Museum of Art: Selections from Palestine

Issue 23