Issue 26

A special portfolio of writing from immigrant, seasonal, and migrant farmworkers, stories set in Chicago and India, an essay about coming of age in the Balkans, and poems by Rickey Laurentiis, Virginia Konchan, Joshua Burton, and Jonathan Moody.


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Table of Contents

Portfolio: Writing & Art from the Farmworker Community

Fiction from the Farmworker Community

The Fields of 1936” by Helena María Viramontes

Lencho” by Leo Ríos

Jacinta Murrieta” by Julio Puente García (translated by Jennifer Acker)

Essays from the Farmworker Community

California Obscura” by Amanda Mei Kim

Escape” by Ellyn Gaydos

A Cowboy on Eighteen Wheels” by Aidee Guzman

Boysenberry Girls” by Nora Rodriguez Camagna

Poetry from the Farmworker Community

Sisters” by Miguel M. Morales

In the Beginning” by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke

Drifting” by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke

Better Days” by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke

re(Education)” by Lizbeth Luevano

Ballad for the One Who Never Went to Iowa” by Julián David Bañuelos

The Weeds” by Julián David Bañuelos

Poetry on Borrowed Time” by Gabriela Spears-Rico

Thresher Days” by Oswaldo Vargas

Noé” by Oswaldo Vargas

Crossandra” Oswaldo Vargas

Picket Line Baby” by Aideed Medina

La Corrida” by Aideed Medina

In the Fields” by Aideed Medina

Flying” by Gabriela Ybarra Lemmons

Retoño” by Gabriela Ybarra Lemmons

El Cuerpo Avisa” by Lupe Mendez

Immense” by José Antonio Rodríguez

Art from the Farmworker Community

USA Portraits” by Narsiso Martinez


The Little One” by Nayereh Doosti

Transgressions” by Sebastian Romero

The Substitute” by Amar Mitra (translated by Anish Gupta)


Introducing the David Applefield ’78 Fellowship” by Sam Spratford

Don’t Step off the Path” by Vix Gutierrez


The Gardener” by Joshua Burton

Aubade, Carrington Woods” by Kerry James Evans

Tall Lyric for Palestine (Or, the Harder Thinking)” by Rickey Laurentiis

In a Word” by Marc Vincenz

Post-Atlantic” by Catherine Staples

Why I Cannot Celebrate the Ruling Still to Come (II)” by Ned Balbo

Antiphon” by Virginia Konchan

Overture” by Virginia Konchan

Sonata” by Virginia Konchan

O They Are Used to It,” by Lawrence Joseph

The Last Day of February” by David Lehman

When a Missile Finds a Home” by Oksana Maksymchuk

Guinea Pig Suite” by Jonathan Moody

Bruh” by Jonathan Moody

Mainland Regional High School, 1987” by Jennifer Franklin

The Struldbruggs” by R. Zamora Linmark

The Coyotes” by Julia Lisella

Double Infinity” by Maria Terrone


Online Portfolio of Writing from the Farmworker Community


Poems from the Immigrant Farmworker Community (“Riding Shotgun with Chamaco” and “Olives” by Jordan Escobar, “The Boys of Nostrelve Farm” by Oswaldo Vargas, “Autobús” by Arturo Castellanos Jr., translated by Jennifer Acker, and “Half Moon — Part I” by Miguel M. Morales.)

Poetry Feature: Rodney Gomez (“Barrioized Haiku,” “Murciélago,” “The Map,” and “Tableau with Cataclysmic Deductible, Maskless Parents, and TikTok Rx”)


Cosecha: Harvest of Truths” by Teresa Elguézabal

My Grandfather’s Songs” by Alondra Aguilar Rangel, translated by Jennifer Acker


Beyond Their Labor: Manuel Muñoz and Helena María Viramontes on Writing the Lives of Farmworkers

Farmworker Days: Ilan Stavans in Conversation with Juan Felipe Herrera


Bless These Backs” by Michelle Castleberry

Fruit Tramps, Moving on” by Jim Guy, with Aronne Guy

The Ghost of Jack Radovich” by Teresa Wilson-Gunn


Issue 26