Issue 19

A special portfolio of stories from Sudan, essays on brothers and murder trials, fiction about gender roles, bomb shelters, and life inside a correctional facility, and poems by Don Share, John Freeman, Tara Skurtu, and more.


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Arabic Portfolio from Sudan

The Creator” by Abdel-Ghani Karamalla (Translated by Elisabeth Jaquette)

On the Train” by Ishraga Mustafa Hamid (Translated by Jonathan Wright)

Mehret, or Sakina as She Calls Herself” by Bwader Basheer (Translated by Robin Moger)

Notebooks of Maladies” by Emad Blake (Translated by Elisabeth Jaquette)

Sara Who Married a Dead Man” by Ahmad Al Malik (Translated by Robin Moger)

The Warehouse” by Osman al-Houri (Translated by Jonathan Wright)

The Opening Ceremony” by Bushra Elfadil (Translated by Elisabeth Jaquette)

The Dam” by Jamal Aldin Ali Alhaj (Translated by Jonathan Wright)

Arrayga’s Inspection” by Mustafa Mubarak (Translated by Robin Moger)

Flash” by Lemya Shammat (Translated by Elisabeth Jaquette)

The Infidel and the Devil” by Mohamed Badawi Higazi (Translated by Robin Moger)


Joint Account” by Thoraya El-Rayyes

Speed of Flight” by Catherine Buni

Counsel” by David Moloney

Operation Tamar” by Omer Friedlander

Weeds and Flowers” by Bina Shah


Upright Members in Good Standing” by A. Kendra Greene

Nothing More Human” by Suraj Alva

Brother Love” by Tanya Coke


Autopsy” by January Gill O’Neil

Communion” by Zack Strait

Epithalamium” by Emily Leithauser

Love, Under a Falling Sky” by Megan Pinto

The Dodo” by Leslie McGrath

Silence of the Lambs: A Starling Is Born” by Reilly D. Cox

Waiting on Forty-Five (A Ghazal)” by Mira Rosenthal

“I Remember Stopping on a Little Bridge in 1972” by James Richardson

Letter from American Airspace” by Elizabeth A. I. Powell

A List of His Flaws” by Peter Mishler

Love Song (1)” by Marcus Myers

Love Poem with Forgetting” by Dana Alsamsam

Inheritance” by Brian Simoneau

Always Know” by Ron Welburn

From Tanaga” by Don Share and John Kinsella

The Way Cacti Quiver” by Sara Elkamel

Offering” by Tara Skurtu

Nocturne” by Ricardo Pau-Llosa

Modern Gods” by John Freeman

Hippocampus” by Bino A. Realuyo

Crater Lake” by marcus scott williams

One Night in the Midwest” by Catherine Esther Cowie


The Hindiyeh Museum of Art: Selections from Sudan


Issue 19