Issue 7


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The Common Statement” by Jennifer Acker


Chanel” by Francesca Marciano

A World of Wonder” by Elvis Bego

Spindrift” by W. Ross Feeler

from SANKYA” by Zakhar Prilepin (Translated by Mariya Gusev and Jeff Parker with Alina Ryabovolova)

Con” by Stephen O’Connor

The Last Word” by Ariel Dorfman


Plugs: Five Thoughts on Cady Noland’s Stocks” by David Breslin with Lili Holzer-Glier


Without” by Marisa Silver

Bud” by Nalini Jones

In Search of Božena Němcová” by Kelcey Parker


Your Parents’ House” by Zeina Hashem Beck

Toast” by Manohar Shetty

Little Chapel” by Richie Hofmann

The Harbor” by Richie Hofmann

An Opera with No Libretto” by George Looney

Folk Magic” by Valerie Duff

Birds of Rhiannon” by Katherine Robinson

Jesus and the Herd of Pigs” by Sarah Wells

Jumping Roofs” by David Livewell

Erasure” by David Livewell

The Coondle Elegies” by John Kinsella

They Had Had It In Mind” by Caroline Knox

Dissolution (Or, Landscape with Martyr)” by Jaydn DeWald

Fugue: Two Painters” by Jaydn DeWald

Henri Province in Wessex” by Joseph Harrison

The City” by Bruce Bond

MR.” by Nicholas Wong

When I Was Straight” by Julie Marie Wade

When an Old Classmate Learns I Am a Lesbian” by Julie Marie Wade

In Praise of Prey” by Leslie McGrath

Shook Music” by Leslie McGrath

Issue 7