Issue 12


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The Common Statement” by Jennifer Acker


Tell Me, Please” by Emily Chammah

Things We Hold in Common” by Elvis Bego

Santa Anita” by Sean Bernard

The Next Thief of Magadan” by Vladislava Kolosova

Mowing” by Elizabeth Poliner

from The Afterlife of Stars” by Joseph Kertes

The Drop” by Clare Beams


The Storytelling Animal” by Anna Badkhen

Looking for Ice” by Ralph Sneeden

Passing Strange” by W. Ralph Eubanks

Every Month Is Black History Month” by Susan Straight


from Leave the Child”  by Akwe Amosu


Mary, with Swag” by Erica Dawson

Seventh-Day Adventist Kids are Pathfinders, Not Scouts” by Erica Dawson

Virgil’s Tattoo” by Max Freeman

Wythe County in July” by Dolores Hayden

Pegasus” by Valerie Duff

11 Warnings: How to Avoid Talking Politics at Parties” by Denise Duhamel & Julie Marie Wade

The Summerbook of Giyorgis Balthus” by Ishion Hutchinson

The Blue Hat” by Wyatt Townley

The Little Blue Purse” by Peter Schmitt

Thirty-Two Days without Alcohol” by Serhiy Zhadan (translated by Ostap Kin)

The Women” by Serhiy Zhadan (translated by Ostap Kin)

The Noises” J. D. McClatchy

A Gift Horse” by Timothy Liu

Tum Ab’aj” by Humberto Ak’Abal (translated by Loren Goodman)

And Then It Rains” by Karen Chase

Malbolge” by Robert Bagg

Nativity Scene” by Kevin O’Connor


Selections by Rico Gatson

Introduction by David Little

Issue 12