Issue 22

A special portfolio of writing from the Arabian Gulf countries, fiction from a farm in Ireland, a retirement community in India, and the Basque Country in the 1960s, essays about Easter Island, living in Greece, and exploring the Southern Ocean, and poems by Tom Sleigh, Stephanie Dinsae, Vernita Hall, and Colin Channer.


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Portfolio: Writing from the Arabian Gulf

“Who Writes the Arabian Gulf?” by Co-Editor Noor Naga

Introduction by Deepak Unnikrishnan

Fiction from the Arabian Gulf

“Joyriding in Riyadh” by Tariq Al Haydar

“Disorder” by Farah Ali

“Tupac of Mamourah, 1999” by Anna Zacharias

“In Search of Hassan Matar” by Hiten Samtani

Essays from the Arabian Gulf

“Mapping Exile” by Mona Kareem

“It was No Arabian Nights at All” by Keija Parssinen

“Oman is Mars” by Priyanka Sacheti

Poetry from the Arabian Gulf

“Fixation” by Hala Alyan

“Self-Portrait as My Mother” by Hala Alyan

“Sandstorm” by Rasha Alduwaisan

“Escaping East” by André Naffis-Sahely

“Quarantine” by Hera Naguib

“Khaleej Times #1” by Rewa Zeinati

“Melh” by Rewa Zeinati

“Khobar Spleen” by Natasha Burge

“Uwi” by Danabelle Gutierrez

“Sometimes All You Can Do is Wait” by Zeina Hashem Beck


“A Very Full Day” by Shubha Sunder

“Igerilaria” by Julian Zabalbeascoa

“Safety Advice for Staying Indoors” by Mary O’Donoghue


“Past and Future on Rapa Nui” by Julia Cooke

“Ghosts of the Southern Ocean” by Carin Clevidence

“Notes on Looking Back” by Steven Tagle


“On the Way Back” by Aksinia Mihaylova (Translated by Marissa Davis)

“Last Cigarette” by Tom Sleigh

“Apology to My Daughter” by Tom Sleigh

“Mercy” by Kathleen Heil

“Rite” by Kweku Abimbola

“Family of Origin Rewrite: 1982” by K. Iver

“La Vie en Rose” by Jeff McRae

“My Body as the GW Bridge All Lit Up at Midnight” by Alexandra Watson

“a good thing/found” by brittny ray crowell

“Dispellations: Manomaya Kosha by Anna Maria Hong

“Screensaver” by Robert Cording

“Appetite” by Dan Albergotti

“There’s No Ignoring It Now” by Jeremy Michael Clark

“Castro Street” by Phillip Watts Brown

“The Streets These Days” by J. Kates

“The Sea Dreams of Us” by Romeo Oriogun

“On Sugar and the Carnival of War” by Colin Channer

“Dey” by Stephanie Dinsae

“Ad Campaign for Truthiness” by Vernita Hall

“Snake, Not Serpent; Hopelessness, Not Despair” by Angie Macri

“Opulence” by Richie Hofmann

“Three Sunrises to Ouranopolis” by Nicholas Samaras


Issue 22