Issue 13


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Guy Gever Stands in the Field” by Bethany Ball

Fallow” by Laura Winther Galaviz

The Eunuch, the Colombian, & the King” by Menachem Kaiser

Firsthand Account” by Bruna Dantas Lobato

Dancing in 4/4 Time” by Max Ross

Living in the Past” by Sinan Antoon (translated by Maia Tabet)


Blood and Every Beat” by Mensah Demary

Meandering Zone” by Rachel Pastan

The Radical Familiar: Matisse’s Early Nice Interiors” by Arden Hendrie

Fraternity” by Zak Breckenridge


We’ll Always Have Parents” by Mary Jo Salter

The Hotel Belvedere” by Mary Jo Salter

Motel” by Zack Strait

Lesson for Cortney” by Cortney Lamar Charleston

Still Life with Black Boy’s Face Overlaying Project Buildings” by Cortney Lamar Charleston

The Beauty of Boys Is” by Vievee Francis

On Leaving the Mountains and Coming to the City I Thought I Left for Good” by Vievee Francis

Good Boys” by Megan Fernandes

Twenty Minutes at the Clam Shack” by Cassie Pruyn

Two Poems in the Courtly Manner” by David Lehman

Embraceable” by Juan Carlos Marset (translated by Ilan Stavans)

Obituary” by Robert Cording

Dead-of-Night Blossoms” by R. Zamora Linmark

It’s a Nasty Habit and I’m Trying to Quit” by Holly Burdorff

At Newgrange: The Best Self Is a Tough Sell” by Elizabeth Scanlon

The Italian Lesson” by Honor Moore

Passeggiata in Linguaglossa” by Judith Baumel

On Ice” by Nathaniel Perry

What’s Goin’ On?” by Jonathan Moody

On Being Thirty-Six” by Jonathan Moody

Philoctetes at the Physio” by U. S. Dhuga

Daedalus in Oxyana” by William Brewer

Before Vaudeville was the Next Big Thing” by Marc Vincenz


Under Current: Tidal Pull” by Amanda Valdez

Issue 13